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“The Fat Pack” is an enlargement of traditional playing cards.   Now, in addition to the four age-old suits of Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs, there are four new, inferior suits, two black and two red, designated in descending order of value: Roses, Axes, Tridents and Doves. “The Fat Pack” is truly a unique set of playing cards. With eight suits now available, many well-known card games, adult and children’s alike, take on a whole new dimension. Whether it be Bridge or Whist, Patience, Pelmanism or Poker, card players of all ages around the world can continue to enjoy all their favourite card games with rekindled enthusiasm.   Need ideas for Birthdays or Christmas?   Look no further! “The Fat Pack” Alternative playing cards are the perfect gift! As mentioned in Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. This pack adds a new dimension to many games such as: Poker, Baccarat / Chemin de fer, Patience / Solitaire, Gin RummyPontoon / Vingt et un, Pelmanism / Remembrance, Bridge, Brag, Solo, Whist, and Hearts / Black Maria  

7 reviews for FATPACK 8-SUIT DECK

  1. Tom

    Hi, just to say many thanks for the splendid decks of cards which arrived safely this morning, the very secure packing and ultra fast shipping are also much appreciated, regards for now.

    Tom M from Merseyside, UK

  2. Brian

    Dear Roger, Good for you to have created these decks. …Good luck with your business. …The world needs new …ideas.

    Brian J B from Ohio, USA

  3. Charles

    I believe we … have a love of games in common, but I have to salute your entrepreneurial spirit. I wish you the best of luck in your enterprise.

    Charles P from New Mexico, USA

  4. Nicholas

    I received the Fat Pack yesterday. Thanks a lot for the service! I will be christening them by playing a few games of Cripple Mr. Onion with my friends…. These cards are one of the best things I’ve seen this year!

    Nicholas Y from Western Australia

  5. Gary

    Thanks for your time and I now await to lose mine playing ‘Cripple Mr Onion’!!!

    Gary C from Leicester, UK

  6. Dr Millard

    By the way, I have two packs … on my desk at home and they’re great. I didn’t have much time to do anything with them when they arrived…but I’m still planning on getting something written up about them for sending off to the various Discworld-related groups.

    Dr Andrew C. Millard of Colorado, USA

  7. Jamie

    I love using my Fat Pack and I’m looking forward to getting a new one to replace my rather tired one.

    Jamie C of East Sussex, Uk

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